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Re: Chemical Damaged Ash?

Subject: Re: Chemical Damaged Ash?
From: Adam Hollis
Date: Jun 20 2006 18:26:42

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Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 13:23:52 EDT
Subject: Re: Chemical Damaged Ash?

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Stouts &Winter makes a mention of pesticides and fasciation.

Yeah I think I've seen similar but these don't seem to fit. The thing about these is they appear to all intents quite healthy. I suppose the compaction from mowing and the like could almost be creating a sort of dwarfing root stock

type scenario? Trouble is I don't know enough about herbicides, or dwarfing
root stocks come to that.

One of the dense crown sites had me looking for different varieties, but none of the few listed in Cassells looked likely, while Van den Berk doesn't really help either. I'd have thought that if Artichokes were rushing round
Ash variations in the 60s we'd've heard of some, but beyond Westhof's Glorie
and Jaspida I've not heard of any, at least none that spring to mind.





Have you tried Fraxinus excelsior Crispa?

This little monstrosity (attached), I've come across lurking in the corners of European nurseries, fits the bill: small, shining dark green leaves with curled and twisted leaflets

Either an architectural feature tree or a nurseryman's best simulation of pesticide damage.



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