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Re: Grass selective weed killer.

Subject: Re: Grass selective weed killer.
From: Andersonarb
Date: Jun 21 2006 17:14:40
In a message dated 21/06/2006 16:28:54 GMT Standard Time, writes:

If the tree is being
affected by the weed killer it should I suppose recover if herbicide
applications ceased? 

There's an article in the new Essential Arb by Glynn Percival that suggests 
this Francis. Also suggests you be patient and not jump to conclusions and 
irreversible actions.

Trouble with chemicals and joe/joanna to my mind is they've rarely any idea 
what it is they've applied and if they've thrown the pack away like the 
instructions say, getting much sense out of em is a lost cause. 

Compaction, chemicals, both are likely to be factors I'd say.


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