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Re: Chemical Damaged Ash?

Subject: Re: Chemical Damaged Ash?
From: Adam Hollis
Date: Jun 22 2006 05:34:45

On 21 Jun 2006, at 22:26, wrote:

Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 03:43:47 EDT
Subject: Re: Chemical Damaged Ash?

In a message dated 20/06/2006 19:27:38 GMT Standard Time,

This little monstrosity (attached), I've come across lurking in the
corners of European nurseries, fits the bill: small, shining dark
green leaves with curled and twisted leaflets

Either an architectural feature tree or a nurseryman's best
simulation of pesticide damage.

No I've not seen that particular beast Adam. But my 'damage' is not as
drastic as that. These trees would pass as almost normal except the crowns are
my mind) abnormally dense, and looking at the history of the site they haven't
actually grown very fast.

These things appear to have lost apical dominance prematurely which could be partially due to ground conditions but the striking thing about this site was
the patches of bare soil around every tree.

I'd better go and split some logs until I calm down.....



Hope you've calmed down now.

You could be on to something with ground conditions

Watson or perhaps Coder wrote a paper on ash transplants losing their apical dominance, especially where little ground preparation was done.

The bald ground could be cultural as well as chemical.

Hope you've calmed down now.



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