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Re: Compost beds?

Subject: Re: Compost beds?
From: Andersonarb
Date: Jul 06 2006 08:35:23
In a message dated 06/07/2006 08:10:03 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Year 3
First cut (to ground level) using a forage harvester, compost.

To be cut annually thereafter.

Any comments?

I'm not sure that a forage harvester will adequately chop up the twigs Tahir. 
I say that without actually ever having forage harvested anything, but having 
used flail mowers/jungle busters I can say that they aren't woodchippers. The 
devices they use for harvesting SRC are very large and very powerful and as I 
understand it they have one for cutting the withies(?) and another for 
chipping bundles of withies. 

And the operators had better be handy with a spanner cos they break if they 
get a bit ambitious. The chippers most arbs used are small and hand fed. For 
your purposes you might be as well to investigate the use of chippers on 
caterpillar tracks that are quite small, and while tedious and noisy will 
turn out a 
surprising amount of work in a short time. But putting a years growth through 
the hings by hand will be doubly tedious so extending your rotation to 3 
might be the thing to do.


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