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Re: Tree poisoning

Subject: Re: Tree poisoning
From: LaneRowe
Date: Jul 06 2006 17:23:56
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Does  anyone know of anything that will neutralise the affects of
drilling holes  in a tree and applying diesel? I have a landowner who is
willing to try  anything to save a tree on his land that his neighbour
has knobbled. The  diesel has been applied within the last few days?

I don't hold out much  hope for it myself but any suggestions would  be

I have dealt with a similar sutuation several years ago, 3/4inch holes  
drilled at 45deg around mature beech trees, some form of light 
poured into them - most likely diesel.  I spoke to Derek Patch at the time  
he suggested, I believe, that the spillage on the bark would potentially  
the underlying cambium and that the damage from the liquid internally was  
likely to be less signicant.  This certainly appeared to be the case with  
death clearly evident fanning out beneath the holes.
Perhaps a two stage approach might do it? 1, Cleaning the bark with a  
detergent with something at soiul level to soak up the liquid arising from 
it, 2  
Air spade away the soil around the tree and replenish with clean soil.
I have to say that the Beech trees although showed crown decline did  survive 
the attempt however the holes caused significant decay to start and the  
decision eventually has been to remove the trees.

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