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Chipper safety

Subject: Chipper safety
From: Andersonarb
Date: Jul 27 2006 08:12:53
In a message dated 26/07/2006 20:46:28 GMT Standard Time, writes:

As far  as I am aware regarding chippers etc., if you bought it recently 
(new or  secondhand) it should have a CE mark and certificate of 
conformity which  pretty much tell you it conforms to all the current 
regulations (until  they change they the regs!!). If not, I would guess 
you have a number of  hoops to jump through to prove it is 'legal', i.e., 
noise assessment,  guarding etc. by applying the relevant individual 
regulations (PUWER,  Noise At Work Regs etc.)  To the best of my 
knowledge the only  specific guidance relating to chippers concerns the 
dimensions etc. of the  feed hopper/chute to ensure that no-one can fall 
in or accidentally reach  the feed rollers. You can find details  here:

More  general advice on using chippers can be found in AFAG604 (one of 
the  former FASTCo guides)  here:

Topher, Pete,
The latest HSE regs regarding chippers, that is no bottom 'stop' bar if the  
hopper is below two feet (or whatever it says) is a definite retrograde  
chipper designers are now working to get around the regs rather than  trying 
to make their machines work as the operator would prefer. 
I buttonholed the HSE at the 05 Trade Fair and dragged them to compare  
chippers on a couple of stands. They sucked in their teeth and admitted that 
lower sloping hoppers were not ideal and looked slightly embarassed at the  
situation. Dunno whether they'll have the guts to go back on their  
'improvements' ever! 
When it comes to the crunch you'll probably be on your own and I'd advise  
making sure that the crunch never comes insofar as that's feasible.

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