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Re: Fire!!...I'll send you to learn

Subject: Re: Fire!!...I'll send you to learn
From: Andersonarb
Date: Jul 30 2006 10:15:50
In a message dated 20/07/2006 11:23:33 GMT Standard Time, writes:

As I  have only dealt with historically fire damaged trees before any
thoughts on  the future of these trees would be appreciated

Sorry I'm late on this one James but, notwithstanding everything that has  
been said, you're on a bit of a hiding to nothing; I mean are you gonna be 
TO who goes and sticks a TPO on three seriously damaged trees? I suspect 
 look like bit of a laughing stock if you did.
Never having been a TO I admit, but I'd wait for the CA notice to come and  
write back saying you've no objection to their removal but suggest that they  
planted some new trees. As far as I can see you've no right to 'demand' any  
replacement trees but being seen to be reasonable and prudent would do you no 
harm at all while serving a TPO would cause you a pile of work and make you 
 your employers look a bunch of loons. And you'd probably lose on appeal  
I am of course assuming that there is no 'history' with these trees, I mean  
if the owner has attempted to surreptitiously clear the site for future  
development then it might be that you would subsequently be regarded as 
having  had 
the 'wool pulled over your eyes' if you didn't serve a TPO. 
But taken at face value; don't waste your time TPO-ing.

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