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Re: Black beech trunk

Subject: Re: Black beech trunk
From: Andersonarb
Date: Jul 30 2006 13:19:51
In a message dated 29/07/2006 08:50:55 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Could  you have a look at the posting of Friday 28 July on the following
blog,  which is fascinating by the way, and give some clues as to what it  is?
Patrick Roper is a colleague of mine.  Thank  you

Have a look at Hypoxylon mummularium Owen, as well as the obvious  
Ustulina/Kretschmaria deusta. You'll need to look in both Jordan and Phillips 
as  well 
as RAT 7 and the AA's Manual of wood decays and Schwarze. Some of those  
photographs seem confused to me. If it was near me in Sheffield I'd take a  
to Sheffield Uni and see what the mycologists thought. 
Your mate Patrick might be as well just to stick a twist drill in the tree  
to see whether its healthy crown remains despite serious timber  degradation.

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