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Re: Non-defensive Risk Management

Subject: Re: Non-defensive Risk Management
From: Andersonarb
Date: Aug 01 2006 17:47:24
THE FUTURE OF TREE RISK MANAGEMENT?TEP 1-day Seminar?Context & Principles
for Non-defensive Risk Management?15th September at Woburn House Conference
Centre, London. With The Centre for Decision Analysis & Risk
Management?Professor John Adams ?Professor David J Ball?Dr David
Lonsdale?John Watt?Neville Fay?Mike Ellison?Nick Eden?GBP 165 per person (+
VAT)?Reservations: email 0117 XXXX XXX

In a message dated 01/08/2006 15:58:57 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Now get  on and recreate! - at your own risk, of course

Yeah well,
I think it might refer to the fact that a couple of LAs are intending doing  
nothing at all about risk assessing their tree stock, they've more or less 
said  that the cost benefit is so negligible that they'll just keep to the 
ways of  doing things, that is clearing up when something fails but otherwise 
not  worrying about it....
I have to say it sounds great to me albeit in the face of a few  M'luds!
As for the seminar being in London on Friday, well you know what these  
London based intellectuals are like; they can't bear to be too far away from 
Ramsey or Oliver owned eaterie on a Saturday night can they? I suspect Nev 
rather be in Bristol.
It's a busy time September, We've got the APF the week after that, the  South 
Yorks Forest jolly in Sheffield Sept 30th, and then the AA conference the  
week after that, and I've got to squeeze a holiday in as well!
Shame, I'd have gone otherwise, even if it isn't on any of our northern  
maps, and the trains are all rubbish and expensive and the congestion charge  
blah blah, whinge blah grumpy blah blah

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