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Re: National trust fatality and some

Subject: Re: National trust fatality and some
From: Andersonarb
Date: Aug 03 2006 08:51:46
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In a message dated 03/08/2006 03:19:16 GMT Standard Time, writes:

If it's  the case that courts and the legal system are not getting the 
right sort  of advice from the professionals, then I suppose the arb 
industry has only  itself to blame.

Er not to my way of thinking; It frequently seems that the legal  
profession's task in life is not to work out what is right and wrong but to 
get  the 
'right' result for their client. It doesn't matter what the advice they get,  
they'll introduce some spurious argument that defelcts the focus and they  
all end 
up looking in entirely the wrong direction. 
It sometimes seems that the Judge will collude in keeping the legal  
profession employed by ensuring that any sort of common sense is wrapped up 
in  legal 
language so that mere mortals cannot understand why the conclusion has  been 
reached. Hence we keep Tabloid Newspaper headline writers employed and the  
rest of us confused or tearing our hair out.
Bill the Cynic.

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