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Re: Guidance on Hedge Translocation

Subject: Re: Guidance on Hedge Translocation
From: Scott Cullen
Date: Aug 03 2006 10:43:28
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There is probably at least some documentation of the antiquity of field 
systems.  As I recall when the Ordnance Survey started doing aerial 
photography to aid mapping after WWI, archaeologists were able to pick out 
pre-Roman, Celtic field systems based on plowing patterns.  So I'd guess 
someone might have workied out some of this hedgerow age from that 

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  Many are  linked to medieval field systems and
  some are possibly late Romano  British.  In short they're old and nearly all
  of them appear on  1830-1860 maps but their species rich nature indicates
  they're far  older.  7 woody species in 10m streches is very common - often
  higher  and in 100m stretches 7 woody species - easy.  

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