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RE: Guidance on Hedge translocation

Subject: RE: Guidance on Hedge translocation
From: Ben Rose
Date: Aug 03 2006 14:10:30
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I would agree with you, we did some research here in the Yorkshire Dales
National Park and found that  67% of our hedgerows (although we don't
have that many hedgerows as we are predominatley dry stone walls) met
with criterion 5 of the hedgerow regs, ie part of a pre enclosure field
sytem, (pre 1845).

I've done quite a few hedgerow surveys over the years but i havent found an easily available source of information on which hedgerows are part of a pre-enclosure field system (pre 1845).

Do i have to personally go to the local historical records office or is there somewhere else that this information is held?


Oh yes I agree that Hoopers Law on ageing hedgerows is not to be trusted. I've just read a wonderfully detailed criticism of it by the landscape historian Richard Muir. As Bill mentioned you can plant as many woody species as you wish in a new hedgerow. But it is integral to assessing a 'hedgerow of importance' under the Hedgerow Regulations (1997) and so i guess we're all stuck with the methodology.

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