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Re: Application to fell Beech with suspected Meripilus

Subject: Re: Application to fell Beech with suspected Meripilus
From: Andersonarb
Date: Aug 08 2006 11:42:18
In a message dated 08/08/2006 12:12:45 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Sounds  like a job for "Air Knife" to me or better still get Neville
Fay's crew to  do a pulling test on it - that's exactly what the
technique is designed  for, then weigh up the hazard/target  balance

Is that reasonable? is it a TPO or just CA? why didn't the Arb get some  
piccies? hasn't he heard of digicams? can't he wait for a couple of months? 
you trust him? Who is he, has he got a reputation for being cussed? Why has 
waited until now to apply? After all meripilused Beech don't fail that 
 and there's one up the road from me that had Mg 25 years ago but it hasn't 
been  seen since. See also JFLs article in the AA newsletter a few months 
and  Ted's response. 
Patience is a virtue in these matters, if it's only CA protection then are  
you prepared to serve a TPO only to have to grant permission for removal in a 
few weeks, you LA bods get scrutinised sufficiently without you walking into 
 hornet's nest. If it was me applying I'd definitely wait for the infection 
to  pop up again, I mean how much of a rush can you be in? Make it plain that 
you  will be much more cooperative if he shows a bit of flexibility. If he 
to  appeal on non-determiantion you'll look perfectly reasonable if you point 
out no  pictures and peculiarly timed appy.
Your call I'm afraid, in the end.

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