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Re: Application to fell Beech with suspected Meripilus

Subject: Re: Application to fell Beech with suspected Meripilus
From: Andersonarb
Date: Aug 09 2006 16:00:32
In a message dated 09/08/2006 13:02:17 GMT Standard Time, writes:

body language of fungi is, IMHO, simplistic nonsense.   Pub
speculation, lended gravitas by  publication. 

Yeah well he seemed a bit circumspect about all of it, probably because of  
this size of conk not being related to extent of decay problem. But we can't 
get  away from the fact that we frequently see hollow trees with no sign of 
conk  but something must have decayed them and now that something has stopped 
decaying  them.
It's a difficult call, possibly the most frightening one we ever get to  
make. Actually this one's pretty easy for Lee at Rugby, he refuses, 
appeals and the inspector is forced to make the decision...... 

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