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Re: Back to Summer Limb Drop

Subject: Re: Back to Summer Limb Drop
From: Andersonarb
Date: Aug 14 2006 11:19:56
In a message dated 14/08/2006 11:55:33 GMT Standard Time, writes:

I have  been called out to several and one of
the tree gangs here working on a  contract are complaining that they keep
getting interrupted from day tp day  stuff with call outs of SBD, almost
daily (at least 2-3 a  week).

Then again it's been windy here and we've had some storm damage, the couple  
of trees I've looked at both had hidden defects as well.
As to the question: if a dog bites someone it get's a warning, if it  does it 
again it get's shot. I believe that's how the Law looks at these things.  To 
me a tree shedding a major limb is a bit unfortunate, shedding two (on  
seperate occasions, with the second not being as a result of the first one  
it) is starting to look iffy. 'A history of branch failure' even. I'd  take 
from there Graham.

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