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RE: Back to Summer Limb Drop

Subject: RE: Back to Summer Limb Drop
From: Hare, Gareth
Date: Aug 15 2006 12:34:55

Dom wrote
I have seen several branches that failed due in part to included forks - no
wind just dropped off.  So the question is - how much do the factors
involved in SBD affect limbs like these.  Do we see a failure like this and
say - "included, weak fork" but dismiss the possibility of a combination of
factors?  Are structurally weak forks more susceptible to failure in hot dry

I have just seen a large limb fail on a Robinia (again no wind) fairly poor
branch attachment and a very tiny central column of decay. Obviously the
weather is now not very hot and has not been excessively dry but perhaps
this is a hangover from the ridiculously hot and dry period we have just
had. Also seeing very many Ash branches failing for no apparent reason
(other than Ash seem to do it for fun)

Perhaps it is a combination of factors.......

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