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Re: Back to Summer Limb Drop

Subject: Re: Back to Summer Limb Drop
From: Julian Dunster
Date: Aug 15 2006 14:23:05
It would be really useful if everyone who noted the failed limbs could take a few moments to document them: size of cross section at failure; length of failed limb, length of stub remaining, type of fracture (photo is good as long as you mark top / bottom). If you added that info into a database then maybe we could start to have a basis for more understanding. Otherwise, we may be forever nattering about it but without any further undertanding. Of course, ideally, we could conjure up a research budget, and start to do some detailed analysis like electron miscroscopy of the cell structure at point of failure to see if there is evidence of cellular collapse, and if so, what triggered it.

For now, even a simple data base would be a start towards more understanding. jd

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