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Re: Terms & Conditions of Business

Subject: Re: Terms & Conditions of Business
From: benfuest
Date: Aug 15 2006 20:35:52
I went to a local firm of solicitors to enquire about terms for clients and also for contractors. This was a service they provided for free. I had an idea of what it was I wanted and requested it be put into a format that would be acceptable in the legal context. I soon discovered that what I wanted to say and what was acceptable were quite different. For example I wanted to say that all contract climbers must be free from drink and drugs ect. This is apparently unacceptable and considered a control issue and could possibly invalidate the agreement. So we say the climber must be fit for purpose, after all he may be diabetic. I have seen terms from consultants and they are always loaded in favour of the consultant and offer the client very little, this can also be a problem. So I spent nearly 800 quid and have what I believe a document that works for me and them. I think of this as being a bit like risk assessment. What you are looking for is a generic work for a specific industry that can be tweaked to fit. Do the leg work and get a document for YOUR business, site specific if you like. So to return to the car if you borrow one and it has a major failure and hurts you then tough but if you buy one and it fails well then that would be different would n`t it.

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£20 each for B2B and B2C contractual documents. If you can't afford that you
must be desparate!

You can also pick up an Au Pair agreement (but no au pair),  shrink wrap
licence, plant maintenance (probalby not green ones),  nanny agreement,
divorce papers and a whole lot else there.

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