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Subject: Re: Back to Summer Limb Drop
From: Andersonarb
Date: Aug 15 2006 21:15:08
In a message dated 14/08/2006 18:31:25 GMT Standard Time, writes:

I know  you know this, but you have omitted the all important point
that a 'history  of branch failure', is only significant if there is a
significant target,  or the risk of significant harm is unreasonably
high.  In this  context, surely the dog bite story is a bit  shaggy.

Goes without saying David, I assumed that no one would notice unless there  
was a vague risk of some sort of injury and as you know up here we're pretty  
relaxed about things....
My history of 'branch failure scenario' is not particularly aimed at any  
sort of scientific argument, just how you're going to justify your lack of  
action to someone who's noticed such things. Obviously if there are veteran 
issues or high amenity then some sort of remedial work would be on the  menu. 
I did look at a tree a few weeks ago that had been condemned by the local  
highway bods as it had shed two branches. They assumed that it was two 
incidents but the quite sanguine owner knew that the top branch had knocked 
the  lower branch off and while the road was blocked for a while he reasoned 
that it  was a quiet country lane and anyone who wasn't driving with due 
to stray  sheep, slow moving tractors, or the odd branch in the road, was 
likely to get  their just desserts. (Or perhaps mutton stew.)

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