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Re: Find 'Em & Grind 'Em Stump Removal !!

Subject: Re: Find 'Em & Grind 'Em Stump Removal !!
From: Andersonarb
Date: Aug 15 2006 21:22:59
In a message dated 14/08/2006 18:03:49 GMT Standard Time, writes:

'Can you  take care of my Pit Bull'....says it all really

Yeah well, There's been a stump grinding accident up here somewhere; can't  
find out much about it cos a neighbour reported it to me and she'd heard it 
from  her hairdresser;  the victim was a mate of her (the hairdresser's)  
boyfriend. The rumour reports that the victim had borrowed the stump grinder  
his employer to do a favour for a mate..... I refuse to lend  mates tools 
I know they're capable of using them. I end up  having to go and do the tasks 
as favours but then again I don't have accidents  like the above on my 
conscience; a preferable state of affairs I think we would  all agree.

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