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Free Rayburn?

Subject: Free Rayburn?
From: Andersonarb
Date: Aug 15 2006 21:36:08
What ho,
In a fit of lunacy we went and bought a new Rayburn the other week. As  a 
result the old one is about to be removed. Beyond being a bit grubby (that's  
my girlfriend wants a new one, and you gotta make a few sacrifices) there is  
absolutely nothing wrong with it.
Obviously it's forty years old or so but I was cooking and heating water  
with it at the weekend and apart from the odd burn't on cooking experiment 
perfectly presentable. So it's likely to sit and become scrap unless some  
devotee of wood burners feels they'd like to travel to Sheffield and fetch  
Yes I know I could flog it through e-bay but I'd rather someone I'm vaguely  
associated with who would use it and treat it with a similar degree of  
disrespect would get the benefit(?) The employees have all expressed interest 
haven't really got the gumption to install and run it, or co-operative  
girlfriends or wives. 
Of course it runs on logs, why d'ya think I've got the thing?
Contact me direct if you can stand the pain.

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