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Re: Trees and subsidence

Subject: Re: Trees and subsidence
From: Andersonarb
Date: Aug 16 2006 07:59:53
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Lee Wright

Calm down now, 
if the tag-on bits have moved and the main bits haven't then a clearer  
indication of inadequate construction could not be conceived. By the sound of 
things removal of the trees isn't going to make a blind bit of difference so  
ignore them. Obviously you're an Arb so you'll need to get a structural  
engineer to point that out.
If the trees have been butchered, treat that as a separate issue, why did  
anyone bother TPOing such things in a rear garden in the first place? 
I don't know the history but it sounds a bit thin in my perception. 
But don't allow anyone to make the connection between tree and building, it  
just leads to confusion all round and from the householder's point of view it 
won't solve their problem. Sounds like their beef might be with the 
conservatory  constructors; probably a right gang of fly-by-nights who'll've 
gone out 
of  business by now.
Oh and I believe that permitted development rights don't count as  exemptions 
against TPOs do they?

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