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RE: Ticking time bomb for Area TPOs?

Subject: RE: Ticking time bomb for Area TPOs?
From: Dominic Scanlon
Date: Aug 16 2006 09:54:48
Jerry wrote:

<Whatever I do with this address (i.e. tacking the second line onto the 
first) I mysteriously get a page on the US National Cancer Institute 
site. This tells me they want to eliminate death from cancer by 2015 - 
which in turn begs the question, What do they want us die of instead? 
(let's give a big up for heart disease!)
But area TPOs -
shome mishtake shurely?>

Same here - I had to go to DCLG and search on that review - took a while but
worth it.  Wont send you the link cos you'l probably end up with the cancer
institute again.


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