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Re: Trees and subsidence

Subject: Re: Trees and subsidence
From: Andersonarb
Date: Aug 16 2006 17:34:05
In a message dated 16/08/2006 16:40:15 GMT Standard Time, writes:

And, the  whole incident yet again shows that as arbs we are not getting the 
message  over to the planners - a global problem.

We've just taken a tree down in frot of a major museum refurbishment in the  
centre of Sheffield. The project manager pointed out how the new ornamental  
feature had been constructed to do the minimum of damage to the nearby trees. 
"Then why precisely is that bloke digging a trench straight across the roots 
of  that Beech there then" asked my bemused assistant before pointing out the 
complete lack of any protective fencing and that undertaking supposedly  
tree-sympathetic systems was probably expensive and a waste of money if they  
weren't going to put in place basic tree protection systems. And you'd think 
planner responsible might have been keeping an eye on such a  high-profile 
project wouldn't you?
I dunno, my bemused assistant (Dave) is only 30 and he's turning into  a 
grumpy old arb before my very eyes!
PS. I say 'assistant,' we're no longer sure who's assisting who.

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