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RE: Ticking time bomb for Area TPOs?

Subject: RE: Ticking time bomb for Area TPOs?
From: Edmund Hopkins
Date: Aug 17 2006 07:02:29
Yes, I'm all for streamlining as well but there's a lot of devil in the
detail and this was only a very brief look at the issue from another
perspective. Also the Householder Review is just that, nothing more, just
one more part of the continuing agitation about planning at large, and how
it meets new labour expectations. I'd say Julie correct me if I'm wrong,
but don't hold your breath.

And that word "blanket" is not quite accurate is it...

Quoting Jonathan Astill <>:


You are right to say that the review of Area TPOs is not exactly news.
Many LPAs with the foresight, member support and resources acted on
these recommendations in the 90's and embarked on the labourious but
necessary review process. However, I recall that a time frame of 5 years
was indicated but the hour glass was never turned over. Subsequently
many TOs probably didn't have the leverage to secure the resources.

If the DCLG do impose a time frame then LPA will HAVE to act, not just
choose to. Unless, of course they are willing to accept widespread loss
of unprotected amenity trees.  Personally I'm all for it, but feel that
anything less than 5 years is likely to cause big problems.

As for the streamlining of tree protection, the sooner, the better.


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