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RE: Ticking time bomb for Area TPOs?

Subject: RE: Ticking time bomb for Area TPOs?
From: Julie Richardson
Date: Aug 17 2006 11:22:21
On 17/08/06 Edmund Hopkins said:
Julie Richardson
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Yes, I'm all for streamlining as well but there's a lot of devil in the
detail and this was only a very brief look at the issue from another
perspective. Also the Householder Review is just that, nothing more, just one
more part of the continuing agitation about planning at large, and how
it meets new labour expectations. I'd say Julie correct me if I'm wrong, but
don't hold your breath. <<<

I'm not correcting you...........but let me explain.........
Although the instigator of the Householder Review insisted that it should
include TPOs, the review never really focussed on the trees aspects (mainly
because no-one knew much about them, other than that they had a TPO on their
property).  Hence the vague recommendation for a 'root and branch' review.
When the Householder Review was published, there was no formal response to the
TPO recommendation.  However, tucked away in another report Consents Regimes:
Reducing Unnecessary Bureaucracy
( - p44) is the following:
"The Government will carry out an internal review of the whole Tree
Preservation Order process, by December 2006, with a view to determining 
this system should be
reformed to regulate with a lighter touch and to devolve more decision-making
to the local level."
The internal review is being carried out by the team here and basically
comprises us thinking up ways of streamlining the TPO system and exploring the
risks in implementing change so that Ministers can assess whether or not it's
worth doing anything.  The risks might be that we can't get Parliamentary time
for any legislation that might be needed; that, once in Parliament, it might
meet opposition; that we don't have the money to implement reform; or that our
ideas are plain daft and won't work.
Although one of the team has been looking on eBay to see if we can buy a
crystal ball, we can't really do this without talking to anyone else.  So we
will be taking informal soundings of selected stakeholders.  This will include
some tree officers and contractors/consultants who use the system, as well as
planning and environmental organisations.
If you have a burning wish to be involved, please contact me off forum.  But
bear in mind, as Edmund says, that the background noises to this review are 
much about getting planning authorities out from under minor casework and 
devolving more to the local level.
Finally, I would stress there is no commitment to do anything at this stage. 
It could all come to nothing.  If Ministers do want to proceed with a reform
package, any proposals would then be subject to a full public consultation.
So deep breaths now........
(It's not only arbs that are old and cynical)

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