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Subject: Re: BCMA
From: Andersonarb
Date: Aug 18 2006 18:10:38
In a message dated 18/08/2006 11:55:58 GMT Standard Time,  

And I  think Dave is right.  Tree skills are tree skills.  But there will  
always be differences in standard practices, health and safety and so  forth. 

Yeah that's what I meant. It's often struck me that some things just don't  
translate into American. It's partly cultural; There's so much space over 
there,  Yanks just can't perceive our 'compact' life styles. Look at the size 
our  cars and theirs. Just look at the size of those Bandit chippers; you're 
 going to tow one of those behind a Ford Transit. Yep those Bandits are 
tougher  than a battleship and weigh about the same.
Er Glyn, for once I passed something. But what are cankerworms? and what  
are;     Abamectin  Fenoxycarb  Spinosad   
Thiabendazole. Apparently one of them might be used for  treatment of said 
I mean how often do we use such things and as for  injecting trees well it'd 
be a new one on me.
I'm not saying we couldn't learn but they're hardly  standard practices over 
Yeah the climbing skills definitely would transfer but  some of it would take 

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