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Subject: Re: BCMA
From: Andersonarb
Date: Aug 21 2006 11:45:58
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In any  case dealing with such infestations are both an arboricultural 
reality and big  business (even when the physical problem might be potential 
than real)  reality.  So familiarity with such pests and their control is an  
essential part of arboricultural qualification in US  practice.

We've got Gypsy Moth here I think but I've never seen it, do the trees  
recover or is it just a single season defoliation? I have seen serious  
of Oaks in Sheffield brought about by Oak Leaf Roller Moth, (Tortrix  
viridana) but the problem was ignored, we saw a flush of Lammas growth and  
things looked pretty normal pretty quickly. I dunno whether the forestry  
would spray such an infestation? My experience is mainly urban so chemical  
treatments for insect pasts outside the nursery are seldom seen.
Incidentally, it always appeared to me that Blue Tits fed very well on  
Tortrix caterpillars, that might have been a significant control....

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