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Subject: Re: Total Ar*
From: Andersonarb
Date: Aug 23 2006 07:55:51
In a message dated 23/08/2006 08:29:40 GMT Standard Time, writes:

I rather  like the idea of fully paid up subscribers getting a freebie
myco-brick  taped to the front of the last issue and hapless readers,
who unwittingly  mistake the article for something of educational
value, end up carrying it  around with them for the purposes of
positive  identification.

As Arbs I suspect very few of us are actually qualified to comment on  
bricks. Certainly not me. I have observed however that bricks do come in  
sizes, however none are the size of Wales. I believe metrication (or  was it 
metrification? or decimilisation) is responsible for the confusion over  the 
size of bricks, that and the HSE deciding that hod carriers should not be  
overloaded, thus bricks are now routinely shoved on the top of scaffolds 
those great big 'telehoist' devices which of course cause compaction over  
roots and knock branches off..... Oh yes, so the brick used to determine  
is not that handy.
Did you know they used to make curved bricks for building chimneys? Those  
big industrial (Fred Dibnah) chimneys, and the top ones were smaller than the 
bottom ones, so the chimneys tapered and were very stable. At least I think 
they  did but of course that's outside my field.
I'm sorry, I'm rambling again.

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