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Re: Drought tolerant windbreak

Subject: Re: Drought tolerant windbreak
From: Tahir
Date: Aug 23 2006 17:49:20 wrote:
As usual it's a non-committal sort of answer. They never seem dense enough to provide a decent sort of windbreak
That was my biggest concern re birch.
but perhaps with some coppice management and ground cover that prevents soil compaction and retains some sort of moisture, like a woodland floor in fact, then they could be a componenet of a windbreak.
Multi layered, could be, I quite like Edmund's idea of a high canopy and lower level. Just making sure I get the right combination of trees I think.
Edmund's idea of seeing what works naturally and locally IMO is the best bet. But you'd better understand when something is growing happily and not simply hanging on by the skin of its teeth.
As a novice at all this it's not immediately obvious to me, but we do have plenty of self seeded ash and oak that seem happy enough.



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