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RE: Drought tolerant windbreak

Subject: RE: Drought tolerant windbreak
From: Scott Cullen
Date: Aug 23 2006 20:50:13
OK, I'll try this one last time.  The first time bounced becuase I sent from 
the wrong e-mail address and the second because the attachment was too big 
(except it wasn't).  So here's the url.

I don't know how much of it is directly aplicable to UK species selection but 
do a search on windbreaks or windbreaks and shelterbelts.  Look for the 
University of Nebraska, they've publishe tons.  Also unis in the Prairie 
provinces of Canada.  And there's a lot of high quality work going on in 
China.  You might find some pointers in the attached bibliography.


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  Subject: Re: Drought tolerant windbreak

  > In fact there is quite a literature on
  > the composition of windbreaks including experimental results on
  > permeability and the likes, and the gradient of beneficial effects away
  > from the break
  Any pointers to not too technical publications appreciated.

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