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Re: Drought tolerant windbreak

Subject: Re: Drought tolerant windbreak
From: Andersonarb
Date: Aug 24 2006 08:05:21
In a message dated 24/08/2006 02:07:36 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Sounds  as if your tree is merely stopping over for a rest before moving on.


calling it a tree would be overstating the case. The black ash mortars used  
around these parts, (softer than the lime based ones, hence in this  
neighbourhood there's usually someone re-pointing their house) seem to be a  
growing medium. There's a paper on my desk somewhere that  details some of 
the different sorts of ferns that grow out of walls round here.  Come to that 
the more tumbledown bit of wall at the back of my house has got not  only the 
Birch but also Buddleia and Cotoneaster. I really ought to rebuild it  but 
be a shame.
An elderly chum who died at the age of 95 a couple of years ago had lived  in 
the neighbourhood all his life and regaled us with recollections of his  
observations of the various ferns spreading after WW2 as the housing stock  
deteriorated before the subsequent and ongoing gentrification.
Don't you just yearn for a Tom Waits type lament about the change in the  
status quo? There's always someone got a flippin skip (dumpster?) parked in 

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