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Re: Drought tolerant windbreak

Subject: Re: Drought tolerant windbreak
From: Tahir
Date: Aug 24 2006 09:06:05

Pete Hughes wrote:
Unless you're hoping to grow apples an' pears (cor blimey, guv'nor!), in which case the hawthorn might give you problems with fireblight and scab (Have I remembered correctly that you're establishing a smallholding? If so, you might find some good advice about shelterbelts and windbreaks in books about commercial fruit growing, such as don't use Poplar as a windbreak if you're growing lettuces - it's true!!!)

Ooerr! We're going to be planting a mixed hedge alongside where we'll be planting our apples and pears this winter, hadn't thought of Hawthorn being bad in this respect (although I'd already excluded crab apple), and poplar v lettuce? yer 'aving a larf aren't you? Which book did that come from?


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