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Re: Drought tolerant windbreak

Subject: Re: Drought tolerant windbreak
From: Tahir
Date: Aug 24 2006 09:32:21
Blinking heck. Tree selection is ever so slightly complicated isn't it?

David Evans wrote:
Lettuce Root Aphid (Pemphigus bursarius) is a serious pest of Lettuce
and Chicory.  The species overwinters and breeds its first generation
in Lombardy Poplar (I wasn't aware of it being a problem with other
species of Poplar) in spring, producing very characteristic purse-like
galls on the petioles of the leaves.  In early summer the galls break
open and the aphids spend their summer dining on salads.  Many aphids
of the genus Pemphigus spend their winter in Poplar, producing galls
in spring, and then heading off to find an alternative host for the
summer holidays.


Acer ventura

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