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Re: Another case for QTRA

Subject: Re: Another case for QTRA
From: Andersonarb
Date: Aug 29 2006 12:45:55
In a message dated 29/08/2006 13:12:29 GMT Standard Time, writes:

"Get a  life", says HSC

I may be paranoid obviously, but why is he doing this at a sailing centre?  
Surely he'd be better off bawling out the people who work in his office at 
HSE. And why has it suddenly become the HSC, is this to distance themselves 
from  the HSE?
As far as I can see the HSE will still be using the same old false  
statistics o beat us with. Just look at the HSE Home page news headlines;
"Fatal injuries at record levels" says the banner. The small print then  goes 
on to say it's a record low level..... That wouldn't be the impression I  got 
from the headline, would it you?

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