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Re: one-off insurance?

Subject: Re: one-off insurance?
From: Andersonarb
Date: Sep 01 2006 16:40:31
In a message dated 01/09/2006 14:17:35 GMT Standard Time,  

Both are  priced according to a "manual rate" a %age charged against 
payraool, which is  taken as a surrogate for the amount of exposure through 

After the recent fiasco in the UK Arb contracting where the underwriters  
claimed they wanted to pull out of the industry completely, recent 'year end  
declarations' have permitted some haggling over how much of it was actual 
work and how much was ground work, how much was planting and other  
(easier/safer) stuff. Fair enough I s'pose. The premium is based on last 
years  turn 
Personally I do everything I can to minimise my contact with the insurance  
industry, same as I do to minimise my contact with the tax / customs and  
excise people. To further this objective I often explain to customers where I 
think damage is impossible to avoid; so those tumble down dry stone walls 
are half-collapsed before we even start to work on the trees that have pushed 
them over do not end up being the subject of a futile insurance claim that 
 up the client's nose, my nose or the insurers. 
Which, as I had a client whinging about his crappy 99% rotten fencing bar  
that could no longer support it's own weight without a bunch of Leyland to 
it up is a worthwhile exercise as some people seem not to live in the real 
world  and want to try and claim against you at the drop of a hat! Me? 

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