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Re: one-off insurance?

Subject: Re: one-off insurance?
From: TreeSpecialists
Date: Sep 01 2006 20:12:55
Just imagine.....there are thousands of qualified and well experienced arbs  
out there who work every week for reputable tree care firms. The opportunity  
does arise to do the occasional private job, to boost the kids college 
fund...or  just to pay the rent this month.
one off insurance would fit the bill very nicely...
The temptation to "join the pikey brigade" is more likely when one off  
insurance is not available.
So the question remains....does anyone do one-off insurance or are we all  
condemned to the choose between poverty or pikeyhood.
In a message dated 01/09/2006 09:37:59 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Jim,  imagine............... a mature Arb student, who has completed the
relevant  CS units and is competent and fairly experienced, but cannot yet
afford a  rolling insurance premium when all he is doing is trying to earn an
extra  bit of cash to get him through college. All he wants to do is  provide
whatever practical service he can (i.e fell the odd dead tree),  safely and
backed by an insurance policy for the job. Consultancy is not an  issue until
he is professionally qualified. Quite rightly and quite  responsibly he is
not prepared to join the 'Pikey' brigade.
I'll let him  know your view though.

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