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Re: TPO Powers?

Subject: Re: TPO Powers?
From: Andersonarb
Date: Sep 05 2006 13:03:22
In a message dated 05/09/2006 12:40:36 GMT Standard Time,  
Oliver.Stutter@xxxxxxxxxx.GOV.UK writes:

we  occasionaly get asked to TPO large trees which do need to be maintained 
in the  near future. Perhaps 'socialising' the cost of basic TPO care should 
 included when one is served, a grant say of £500 over a three year period.  

Nice idea Oliver, but as you say, the naivety......
If you stare and stare at a TPO you eventually have to wonder what it's  for, 
there always seem to be a thousand more reasons for not serving one than  for 
serving one. 

Reading Mynors and the blue book I get the distinct  impression that the 
legislators responsible for the original TPO idea were  trying to avoid 
powers to LA Officers when the authority was not matched  with some 
responsibility (mind you I'm a paranoid cynical conspiracy-theorist),  and as 
things stand 
I'd object to your TPO if I was then immediately obliged to  go out and spend 
money on maintenance. If you think about that it's only one  step away from 
empowering an LA Officer to bang on your door and demand that you  plant a 
You only have to think back to the Thatcher era where the Govt  seemed to be 
doing all they could to ensure that Hatton and Blunkett and their  ilk did 
keep their authority to charge council tax and the like, and despite  the 
legislature having changed hands not much in that area has changed as  far as 
can see. (NB Scottish Parliament building?) 
As for Forestry grants (dunno about agriculture) I have on several  occasions 
had to write letters explaing to South Yorks Forest why work in urban  
woodland is so much more expensive than work in plantations, the grants 
aren't  that 
Ho hum.
PS As a born-again-fascist (ssp dendro) I quite like the idea of banging on  
someone's door and demanding that they plant a tree..... But I can't see 
anyone  outside the UKTC voting for that one.

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