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Re: felling development site trees

Subject: Re: felling development site trees
From: Andersonarb
Date: Sep 07 2006 08:34:38
In a message dated 07/09/2006 08:22:29 GMT Standard Time, writes:

I think  derision and protest is a harsh response. We have had one
pre-emptive  felling incident on a row of back gardens and I am monitoring
the matter  closely.

The purpose of the TPO system is not to discourage people from growing  
A 'bunker mentality' shown by either or both 'sides' will only lead to  this 
seemingly daft situation being the norm.
And I've never come across anybody ring-barking trees to pre-empt a TPO so  I 
hardly think it's common. 
And yes I have felled trees in a back garden prior to someone putting in a  
planning application, no, none of the trees were particularly notable and yes 
the LA would have made a fuss but it would have been unjustifiable in my  
opinion. I do point out to the clients that such behaviour may well lead to 
LA rolling up and serving an emergency TPO whereupon he will be worse off 
he was before he started (probably).

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