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Re: felling development site trees

Subject: Re: felling development site trees
From: Andersonarb
Date: Sep 08 2006 07:36:21
In a message dated 08/09/2006 00:51:11 GMT Standard Time, writes:

So far  as I know there
is nothing to stop the owner developing the site as they  choose in that
way.  There is no presumption, *yet*, that all trees  should be assessed for
potential amenity value by an independent  arboriculturalist before felling
is permitted.  Now there's an idea...  All buildings, new or
modifications, have to be approved by the LPA, and  are inspected. 

You seem to have a degree of faith in the 'State' there Anthony that I  
certainly do not share. I think that LPAs have all the tools they need in the 
Book and BS5837 to address all the matters you raise. All they need to do  is 
use those tools wisely.
Drawing a line in the sand, digging into a bunker and keeping your head  down 
is not the way forward in any negotiation about anything. Keep in mind  the 
principal that by and large the State should keep its nose out of our  
when it affects no-one other than ourselves. If I choose to cut down my  
Mulberry in my back garden and replace it with a garden gnome, fine. I can 
the derision of my friends.
If a developer wants to build a block of flats and the LPA say "OK but keep  
that tree that will be hidden from the public at large by the block," well, 
that  is really a decision for the developers marketing department or the 
buyers. The  LPA should keep its interference to matters that genuinely 
affect the 
populace,  so traffic, street scene, services; fine. Otherwise butt out as 
Simpson  might say.
As for your veteran tree scenario, it surely deserved protection before it  
was a potential development site, and it might be that English Nature have  
protected it with the CROW act anyway. Round here you've got a  
cat-in-hell's-chance of developing a site with such a tree. Which is not to 
say  that there 
aren't Planners who wouldn't recognise such a tree's value but that's  
problem for us.

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