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RE: Lists of trees

Subject: RE: Lists of trees
From: Jonathan Astill
Date: Oct 04 2006 09:54:50

The Pocket Guide to Choosing Woody Ornamentals. Gerd Krussmann. ISBN

Also has an American slant - but a handy collection of plant lists


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Subject: Lists of trees

I've just been approached by 2 urban designers working on a manual which
includes advice on suitable trees for various urban situations,
including streets.

It seems they know even less than I do about these matters, and of
course I don't have the luxury of time to give any real input.

I would like to direct them to something similar and already in
existence on the net, and hope someone will help me in this.

I've got some pretty useful lists already, such as in my old Hilliers
Manual circa 1960, and in Trowbridge and Bassuk 2004 although those have
a US bent

Thanks as ever...

Edmund Hopkins
City of Nottingham Council

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