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Re: Moving a mature Ginkgo tree

Subject: Re: Moving a mature Ginkgo tree
From: Andersonarb
Date: Dec 08 2006 08:39:50
In a message dated 08/12/2006 07:37:59 GMT Standard Time, writes:

The  proposal 
states a 2 year
preparation period for moving the  tree during which the roots 
will be pruned
in segments.   A 5 year watering period has been included

That's more or less in accordance with Chris Newman's diktats of many years  
ago. Common sense suggests that such a tree will need a massive rootball and 
the  opportunities for disaster are numerous. My initial thoughts are that 
you're on  a hiding to nothing; shifting 8 metre tall Planes or Hornbeams we 
accomplished  fairly readily with a high degree of success, occasionally with 
preparation,  but we finally wrecked the 'Newman Tree Trailer' by attempting 
pull a similar  sized Lime out of the ground. That particular tree remained 
where it was,  apparently oblivious to the indignities it had suffered, until 
was cut down  to make way for Supertram; Sheffield's new mass transit system.

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