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Re: Moving a mature Ginkgo tree

Subject: Re: Moving a mature Ginkgo tree
From: Scott Cullen
Date: Dec 08 2006 12:41:16
There are two key elements for success.  A) experienced and competent 
contractor B) money.  B means there has to be suffiicnet budget to do all the 
prep and follow on as well as the good execution allowed by A.

Local experience should guide, but I've seen massive (40" DBH) moves with no 
crown reduction (Q. alba looking fine several years on).  The key is mositure 
management.  The reason for moving a large tree is it's size and form.  If 
you whack off 30% what's the point?

If I read the original post correctly the tree only needs to be shifted 
2.5m... that's less than 10 feet.  Why lift the tree at all?  Either by crane 
or onto a trailer?  dig a wide trench to the level of the bottom of the ball 
and slide the ball to it's nearly new position.  This requires and well 
balled or maybe prefreably boxed root ball and a good idea there are no tap 
roots or other impedinemts to sliding, but experienced contractors know how 
to do this.  

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  Subject: RE: Moving a mature Ginkgo tree

  Well Done Bill, we like our equipment tested to it's limits!

  In our experience of relocating very large trees the two years preparation 
should give the tree the best chance for a successful re-establishment, 
especially if coupled with some crown reduction work (up to 30% if possible) 
at the time of moving.

  A 64cm diameter would give it a girth of slightly over 2.0m - a size of 
tree that we have moved in the past, with varying degrees of success. What 
are the chances of this tree surviving? Probably only 50:50 as so many of the 
factors affecting the trees re-establishment are unknown until the time of 

  Jonathan, I think that was my presentation that you recall from the LTOA 
meeting. I obviously need to make them more memorable in future!

  Jeremy, I'd be happy to come and look at the tree in question to offer 
further advice.



  Deric Newman 
  Director of Sales 
  Civic Trees 
  Supply Plant Relocate 
  A division of Glendale Countryside 
  t: 01442 XXXXXX 
  f: 01442 XXXXXX 
  Semi-Mature Trees and Hedging available from The London Tree Centre - Just 
5 minutes from junction 5 of the M1 

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  The  proposal 
  > states a 2 year
  > preparation period for moving the  tree during which the roots 
  > will be pruned
  > in segments.   A 5 year watering period has been included

  That's more or less in accordance with Chris Newman's diktats of many years 
  ago. Common sense suggests that such a tree will need a massive rootball 
  the  opportunities for disaster are numerous. My initial thoughts are that 
  you're on  a hiding to nothing; shifting 8 metre tall Planes or Hornbeams 
  accomplished  fairly readily with a high degree of success, occasionally 
with no 
  preparation,  but we finally wrecked the 'Newman Tree Trailer' by 
attempting to 
  pull a similar  sized Lime out of the ground. That particular tree remained 
  where it was,  apparently oblivious to the indignities it had suffered, 
until it 
  was cut down  to make way for Supertram; Sheffield's new mass transit 

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