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RE: Moving a mature Ginkgo tree

Subject: RE: Moving a mature Ginkgo tree
From: Chris Hastie
Date: Dec 08 2006 12:50:06
Reply interwoven with original for context.
On 07 December 2006 23:45, Jeremy Wright wrote:

In order to provide room for access to a small housing
development, there is a proposal to move a mature Ginkgo tree
about 2.5m.  The tree is probably 80 or more years old, has a
 crown diameter of 9.8m, trunk diameter of 0.64, and height
of 16m.  There is a TPO on the tree. The proposal states a 2
year preparation period for moving the tree during which the
roots will be pruned in segments.  A 5 year watering period has been

I recall a talk at conference a few years back - one of the Exeter ones
I believe - about moving some huge great tree to make room for an
extension to the race course in Hong Kong. They excavated around the
thing, boxed the root ball up, some how got railway bogeys underneath it
and laid track along the root they wanted to move it. Extraordinary
feat, but I've no idea if the tree survived the experience.

Chris Hastie
Strategy Officer (Arboriculture)
Warwick District Council

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