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RE: withdrawal of TPO applications

Subject: RE: withdrawal of TPO applications
From: andrew wyllie
Date: Dec 13 2006 20:04:49
I'd make your decision based on the trees ignoring the culvert. If the planning application for the culvert were refused would you still give permission to fell the trees? If not I would be tempted to refuse the application. If the planning application is approved your refusal won't matter as the applicant can fell the trees required under the PA anyway (as it takes precident over TPO's, conditions allowing).

Conversley point out the benefits of planting more trees in terms of reduction in storm water runoff by interception and retention.

Just my initial thoughts and would be interested in anyone else's view as I haven't been a TO for a few years now


From: <KCloud@xxxxxxxxxxx.GOV.UK>
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Subject: withdrawal of TPO applications
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 17:31:29 -0000

Hi all

Situation as follows:

Applicant sends in TPO app to fell loads of trees.
Reason: to build a new culvert

LPA decides that new culvert needs full planning app.
Applicant submits new planning app.

Now I want them to withdraw the TPO app so I can close the case and move
the hefty file about the joys of culverts (which I don't know much about
but I new a drainage engineer who did) of my desk and into the murky

Unfortunately applicant not happy with whole business seems to be
ignoring my emails requesting the withdrawal of TPO app.

Anyone know the process whereby I can move this thing towards closure?



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