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Re: Smell to fell.......

Subject: Re: Smell to fell.......
From: Scott Cullen
Date: Dec 19 2006 14:35:50
An interesting question.  The literature is reasonably clear that Social or 
Community or Public vales will vary from any one individual vale with will 
vary from each other.  I tend to think it is not (or not just) the realtaive 
values that matter it is rather the rights of the beneficiaries.  

And marginal value may matter.  With the individual either enjoying or being 
nuisanced (what is the verb?) by a single tree, that tree is the margin.  It 
matters greatly.  With the public enjoying - ostensibly - many trees we have 
to ask does this one tree have marginal value to the public.  Will it be 
missd or are there lots of other trees in the neighborhood.

We must also consider that the amenity value assessed at the time of TPO may 
have changed.

This is where UF management comes into play.  Are TPOs applied in a vacuum?  
Are TPOs alone, once applied the totality of UF management?

Going back the the brewery or abbatoir, it is becoming a common case in the 
US that as agricultural areas more or less gradually become residential, the 
framer next door who has been farming for generations finds that the aroma of 
cow manure or the sound of the tractor at daybreak are a nuisance to the new 
neighbors.  It's a real issue.

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  From: Salisbury, Noel 
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  Subject: RE: Smell to fell.......

  Can it be any worse than  The Local Brewery next door?  Oh yes, let's
  close down the supplier
  of beer...

  How about being next door to the Abattoir ? ( The smell of Cows,Pigs &
  Sheep could be certainly
  said to be 'unpleasant' ) No doubt a resounding 'yes' from the
  vegetarians amongst us, but....

  However, as the tree has been Actually assessed to provide Amenity Value
  - surely THAT value
  is at a higher lever - and to MORE people - than the few who complain
  about a single tree having a Nuisance Value ONLY AT THE FRUITING time of

  Q - Does the nuisance value outweigh the Amenity Value?

  Noel Salisbury
  Landscape/Technical Officer 
  Tel:01524 - 582471

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  Just a thought on the Ginkgo issue.  Could it be construed as a nuisance
  in any way?

  Dave Sephton
  Arboricultural Manager
  Kent County Council
  Landscape Services

  Tel: 01303 XXXXXX
  Mob: 07920 XXXXXX

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  We've had an application in to remove a female Ginko because of the
  smell produced by the fruits. Anyone had any experience with this? I
  have to admit that if I had one in my garden I'd be a bit gutted, waking
  up to a smell of rancid butter every morning. Can't be too great. But
  then again, the tree is healthy.

  I have'nt actually seen it yet so it might not be an issue but I just
  thought it might be worth discussing.


  Jeremy Dallow
  Tree Inspector
  Parks and Open Spaces

  Room 213 
  The Civic Centre
  44 York St
  TW1 3BZ

  Tel: 020 8XXX XXXX 
  Fax: 020 8XXX XXXX

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