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RE: Smell to fell.......

Subject: RE: Smell to fell.......
From: Salisbury, Noel
Date: Dec 19 2006 15:34:34
Amazingly, Tahir, Wyre Borough Council in Lancashire has rejected twice,
(& yet-to-consider for a Third Time)- Planning Permission for a Maggot
Farm, adjacent to a Residential Area. 

Even thought the site used to be an Abattoir, the maggoty smell would
STILL permeate the
whole estate. 

The applications were forwarded by local architects on behalf of a firm
based in the Bahamas.

Can one apply for P.P. for the same item indefinitely, b.t.w. ?

Noel Salisbury
Landscape/Technical Officer 
Tel:01524 - 582471

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Scott Cullen wrote:
Going back the the brewery or abbatoir, it is becoming a common case 
in the US that as agricultural areas more or less gradually become 
residential, the framer next door who has been farming for generations

finds that the aroma of cow manure or the sound of the tractor at 
daybreak are a nuisance to the new neighbors.  It's a real issue.

It's a problem in the UK too, especially in rural fringe areas. I'd 
imagine it would be almost impossible to build a new abattoir in any 
affluent area.


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