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Re: Parliament can be interesting![Scanned]

Subject: Re: Parliament can be interesting![Scanned]
From: Julie Richardson
Date: Dec 20 2006 12:49:06
On 20/12/06 11:36:00 Bill Anderson asked:

How many appeals against TPO refusals do you get in a year Julie? And how 

many are upheld or kicked out? <<<

I need my IT and database whizz (Peter - arboriculture is not my only
specialism) here to provide accurate data.  But the Government Offices get
around 750 TPO appeals a year (this will include appeals against
non-determination, article 5 certificates and tree replacement notices as well
as refusals of consent), the vast majority of which are dismissed.  My guess 
this represents a small proportion of the decisions made by LPAs.  And, as 
message indicates, we have quite a lot of LPAs where we rarely get appeals 
and a
few who are more frequent 'customers'.
We keep talking about producing an annual statistical report on tree appeals
but it's one of those lower priority tasks that we never get around to.

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