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Re: Non invasive cable brace

Subject: Re: Non invasive cable brace
From: Paul Hawksford
Date: Dec 21 2006 08:32:01
Having fitted steel cables (and rods) over twenty years ago, the ones I've 
had chance to view are still there (the ones at Reasheath we did whilst 
studying are looking fine for example). Proves a point really. I've also seen 
a few cobra fitted more recently, the majority are also still in place (a 
couple have failed possibly due to lack of maintenance, which may be 
difficult to maintain over the years - owners move, cost etc). It's a course 
of action for weak attachements, branches which might otherwise fail and 
bring about the early demise of the whole, a tool in the box as Scott would 
say. Germany was a  problem though in the early 90's, big deutschmark for 
fitting 20 per tree, totally unnecessary...

Paul H.

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