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Re: Semi-mature planting

Subject: Re: Semi-mature planting
From: Pete Hughes
Date: Dec 21 2006 11:53:54

Edmund Hopkins wrote:
Make sure the surroundings are tree friendly for when roots leave the pit.
And I wouldn't bother too much with details of maintenance, just make them
hand over a tree in year 3 that is growing away with appropriate vigour.

I'd agree with that really, go for an outcome based specification. If the contractor's any good and is experienced, they'll know how to achieve the desired outcome without being told what to do. They probably have a better idea of how to succeed at this than someone who's not entirely sure how to word a task-based specification. As long as there's a reasonably clear specified outcome, i.e., evidence of X amount of extension growth after 3 years, I'd leave it to them to work out how to achieve this. If they achieve then the onus is on them to deal with it.


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